About us

Ten years ago, we embarked on a journey to establish the first bike rental shop in Thessaloniki. Little did we know that this venture would transform into a place brimming with cherished stories and unforgettable memories.

Our initial goal was to offer an alternative form of entertainment for people of all ages, and we are delighted to witness this vision come to life every single day. Throughout the years, we have forged strong and meaningful connections with our customers, providing countless rides along the scenic Nea Paralia. 

Thanks to each one of our customers, we have managed to not only become the go-to bike rental shop for children but for everyone seeking adventure.  We take immense pride in receiving the prestigious Tourism Excellence award from the Region of Central Macedonia. This award reflects our unwavering dedication and commitment to our work.Visit the BikeIT store and let us share our cycling passion with you in person!

The BikeIT team