Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the bicycle should be returned to our main store at the iconic Makedonia Palace Hotel. However, we offer a security lock included in the price if you need to stop along the way.

Unfortunately, there are no other stations available for bike delivery along Nea Paralia. However, we include a security lock with the rental price in case you need to make a stop during your ride.

The bike rental service is primarily limited to adults due to the responsibility involved in renting and ensuring the safe use of bicycles. However, we do allow adults to rent bikes on behalf of someone under 18 years old. In such cases, the adult assumes full responsibility for the rental and agrees to abide by the rental terms and conditions.

No, a license is not required. However, if you don’t have an ID or passport available for identification, a driving license can be accepted as an alternative.

If you experience a technical breakdown during your ride and you are on Nea Paralia, our team can assist you and provide technical support or even replace your bike at times.

The four-seater and two-seater bicycles are restricted to Nea Paralia, while individual bicycles can be ridden within the city limits, following the designated bicycle lanes or with caution on main roads. Helmets are provided upon rental and included in the price for your safety.